January 29, 2014 | Number of The Day
Ranking of New Jersey’s Charter School Laws

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, a pro-charter organization, has ranked New Jersey only 32 of 43 states for the strength of its laws fostering charters.

New Jersey won plaudits for not having a cap on the number of charters that are allowed in the state, for requiring charters to be fiscally and legally autonomous with independent school boards, and for providing funding and services for special education responsibilities.

Alternatively, the report suggested that the state expand authorizer options for applicants, ensure their accountability, and provide more authorizer funding. The report also seeks increased operational autonomy and funding.

Minnesota earned first place in this year’s ranking, followed by Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, and Colorado. Maryland ranked last in this year’s report, followed by Kansas, Iowa, Alaska, and Virginia. Neighboring states New York ranked seventh; Delaware, 17th; and Pennsylvania, 24th.