Christie: Born to Run for President — or Running for His Political Life?

Matt Katz | January 16, 2014 | Politics
His week was so bad that even his idol Bruce Springsteen dissed him in a viral video

It may be that “down the Shore everything’s alright,” as Bruce Springsteen famously sang in his rendition of Tom Waits’ “Jersey Girl.”

But everything’s not alright in Trenton, at least in the Office of the Governor.

Chris Christie’s State of the State speech was subdued and conciliatory, lacking the swagger and bombast of last year’s address to the Legislature. And Christie, a media hound who took to every available airwave on the day after last year’s speech, made no triumphant media appearances in the aftermath of this year’s State of the State.

Everywhere he turns, someone’s pursuing a probe or investigation prompted by the “Bridgegate” flap.

And, perhaps most notably, even The Boss, Christie’s music idol, turned against New Jersey’s governor, mocking him and taking him to task in a hilarious “Born to Run” send-up with TV host Jimmy Fallon called “Gov. Christie’s Traffic Jam.”

Matt Katz of WNYC, a partner of NJ Spotlight, looks at Gov. Christie’s dramatic turn of fortunes.

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