Senate’s Top Democrat Offers His Own View of the ‘State of the State’

NJ Spotlight | January 16, 2014 | Politics
Steve Sweeney talks with WNYC radio host about Gov. Christie's speech -- and the impact of 'Bridgegate'

State Sen. Steve Sweeney
Oddly enough, Gov. Chris Christie and state Senate President Steve Sweeney agree on one major point: the “work of the people” should not be derailed by the distraction of “Bridgegate,” the scandal roiling the Trenton Statehouse and threatening to undermine the governor’s second term.

But Sweeney doesn’t agree with Christie’s proposed priorities laid out in Tuesday’s State of the State Address. He vehemently opposes the governor’s talk of further cuts in state workers’ pensions. And he wonders aloud how Christie plans to finance his proposal to extend the length of the school day and school year.

Sweeney appeared on “The Brian Lehrer Show” — aired on WNYC, a partner of NJ Spotlight — to talk about Christie’s legislative agenda — and, of course, about the impact of the burgeoning “Bridgegate” controversy.