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2014 Summer Reading Series

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Speaking Volumes: Who Are the Best Literary Voices from the Garden State?

Paula Saha | August 4, 2014 | 2014 Summer Reading

Some of the nation’s best writers hail from New Jersey. We invite you to tell us your favorites

August 29, 2014
Lisa Borders’ novel about rural New Jersey is a tale of grief, community, and forging a new family
August 28, 2014
When residents of a Newark neighborhood fall sick from a mysterious illness, Brad Parks’ reporter-sleuth is on the case
August 27, 2014
Part local history and part doomsday scenario, Alan A. Siegel’s Disaster! is a compelling read
August 26, 2014
In Akhil Sharma’s novel, a devastating tragedy changes forever the lives of Indian immigrants living in New Jersey
August 25, 2014
Alden Jones's short stories explore the darker side of adolescence
August 21, 2014
Civil Rights leader Robert Curvin traces the tumultuous history of the Brick City since the 1950s.
August 21, 2014
W.S. Merwin's latest book is an evocative study of age, memory, and the natural world
August 20, 2014
When Richard L. McCormick became president of Rutgers in 2002, it was almost like coming home
August 19, 2014
A layered tale of the Jersey Shore, told by the same narrator at two different points in her life
August 18, 2014
Steven Hart details the lives of two New Jerseyans familiar to fans of "Boardwalk Empire"
August 8, 2014
Let us know which Garden State writers you think deserve inclusion in top 10
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