$3.98 billion

December 5, 2013 | Number of The Day
Planned capital transportation budget for 2014

Everyone knows New Jersey’s roads and bridges are in bad shape. And while nearly $4 billion seems like a lot of money, experts say we need to double that in order to fix our infrastructure.

Of the $3.98 billion that’s been allocated, only $2.74 billion has gone to the state Department of Transportation, which will spend $744 million on local and state bridges; $209 million on road reconstruction; $289 million for highway congestion improvements; $133 million for multimodal investments, such as freight, rail and bicycling improvements; and $99 million for safety programs.

To see exactly where some of this money is being spent, the state DOT has provided an interactive map.

Another $1.228 billion has been budgeted for NJ Transit.