The Year in Review: NJ Spotlight’s Most-Read Stories for 2013

NJ Spotlight | December 23, 2013 | More Issues
A look at the content that kept members of our community clicking throughout the past year

NJ Spotlight is taking a break for the holidays, and while we’re away, we’ll be posting other people’s insights and musings about the Garden State. We’ll be publishing one or two a day, so be sure to check back.

A few of our former governors will share their thoughts on the big issues facing the state as it enters the new year. We’ll also post white papers from top organizations and thought leaders. And we’ll treat you to several provocative videos from the popular TED Talks and TEDX series, all New Jersey grown, and each requiring just a few minutes to watch. Some are fun, some serious, and one quite musical.

Before we go there, though, we start the holiday with our last NJ Spotlight List of the year, this one about our Top 20 stories of 2013, as measured by online readership. Some were about issues still percolating, others specific to the time. Here’s a chance to revisit them. We invite you to share your thoughts and comments as to what has — and hasn’t — changed.

Superstorm Sandy may have hit in 2012, but its impact and recovery resounded through 2013. So it’s no surprise that the story that got the most views this year was an interactive map that broke down by municipality the number of homes damaged in the storm. Elsewhere, the year after a landmark tenure law was enacted, NJ Spotlight readers continued to show marked interest in the issue. And on the site, just like elsewhere on the Internet, lists proved to be a crowd-pleaser.

What NJ Spotlight story stood out for you this year? Tweet with the hashtag #NJS2013 to @NJSpotlight or comment on our Facebook page and let us know.

1. Interactive Map: Assessing Damage from Superstorm Sandy

2. Democrats Stand Fast in Senate, Lose Two Seats in Lower Chamber

3. State Releases First Results From Pilot Trials of Teacher Evaluation Systems

4. The List: Following the Big Money in the Garden State

5. Net Property Tax Increase Much Higher Under Christie Than Corzine

6. Interactive Map: Where the Wealth Is

7. DEP Looks to Buy Out Streets, Neighborhoods Devastated by Sandy

8. As NJ Sheds Pharma Jobs, Other Major Metro Areas Emerge as New Hubs for Life Sciences

9. The List: 10 New Jersey Towns That Put the Small in Small-Town Life

10. New Jersey Cicada Countdown

11. State Arbitrators Rule on First Cases Brought Under New Tenure Law

12. The List: Top Salaries for New Jersey School Superintendents, 2012-2013

13. Nutritionists Say Proposed Law Would Put Them Out of Business

14. Interactive Map: Per-Pupil School Spending

15. Rutgers Tool Simulates the Realities of Sea-Level Rise

16. Hospitals See Rapid Progress in Reducing Infections, Other Preventable Problems

17. Foreclosure Numbers Paint Bleak Picture of Garden State

18. Department of Education Posts List of Nearly 60 Reward Schools

19. Major Changes on Way for New Jersey High School Tests

20. Changes to Special Ed Code Add to Tensions Between Parents, Administration