November 26, 2013 | Number of The Day
New Jerseyans who have a personal doctor or healthcare provider

The New Jersey Department of Health has identified five objectives that it says indicate the state’s major public health concerns, which it hopes to make significant progress with by the year 2020.

First on that list is access to a personal doctor or healthcare provider. The 2020 target is 90 percent, but only 83.5 percent of New Jerseyans met that objective in 2011.

The rate at which New Jerseyans are meeting that target differs by race and ethnicity. White residents almost meet the target, with 88.8 percent; African Americans are at 81.8 percent, and Asians are at 84.1 percent. The biggest disparity is with Hispanic residents, who have a personal healthcare provider at a rate of only 65.4 percent.

The other four of the state’s objectives are lowering the infant death rate; increasing childhood immunizations; cutting the death rate due to heart disease; and reducing obesity.