November 21, 2013 | Number of The Day
Miles on New Jersey Public Roads

It may not seem like it next week, when you’re stuck on a major transportation artery with nowhere to go, but New Jersey has 39,213 miles of public roads. Of that, 431 miles are on an Interstate and 6,158 are considered principal roads

The vast majority of New Jersey roads are local: 28,480 miles.

New Jersey is the fifth-smallest state when it comes to geographic size but the most dense. So maybe it makes sense that it falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to number of miles of pavement. Alaska, for instance, the largest state, has only 16,675 road miles. Texas, however, has 312,911 miles of road — almost double that of California. Delaware and Rhode Island, the two smallest states, have less than 7,000 miles of roadway.