November 6, 2013 | Number of The Day
Turnout of registered voters in Tuesday’s election

Lines at the polls were long on Tuesday, but it wasn’t necessarily due to turnout — which came in at 38 percent. (With 99 percent of precincts reporting, 2.095 million voters were tallied. Total registered voters: 5.5 million.) A turnout of 45 percent is considered low.

If it wasn’t turnout, why the delay? The ballots in most towns were very long, and it appeared that some people carefully read them. Consider that the ballots included candidates for governor, state Senate, Assembly, and two statewide ballot issues. Most towns also had county elections (freeholder, sheriff), as well as municipal elections.

And then there were the 501 towns that also had school board elections. There were 1,853 candidates for 1,501 seats. Three towns also put the school budgets on the ballot. And four had school referendums.

For many voters, it meant a long wait.