October 30, 2013 | Number of The Day
Number of New Jersey residents hit hardest by Sandy who say their lives are back to normal

While broad polls of New Jersey residents now say most families have fully recovered from the superstorm, a tracking panel of New Jersey residents who were displaced by Sandy for at least one month this year tells a very different story. When surveyed by Monmouth University Polling Institute, only 10 percent of the panel said they were fully recovered.

The panel included a range of New Jerseyans — 35 percent had a family income of over $100,000 — although 90 percent owned their homes and lived in Monmouth and Ocean counties. The majority — 53 percent — are still displaced from their homes or do not plan to move back.

Most of the respondents said it would take another year or more to recover from the storm. Twenty-eight percent said one year; 18 percent, another two or three years; 13 percent, more than three years; and 16 percent said never.

When asked whether they were satisfied or dissatisfied with New Jersey’s Sandy recovery efforts, 30 percent said somewhat dissatisfied and 31 percent said very dissatisfied. Only 7 percent said they were very satisfied. Those responses tracked fairly closely no matter the respondent’s income, although those back in their homes tended to have a slightly more optimistic outlook.