October 24, 2013 | Number of The Day
Rate of resettlement grants that have gone to Sandy victims with low and moderate incomes, instead of the 60 percent promised

Gov. Chris Christie promised that at least 60 percent of the $10,000 resettlement grants that the state will award Sandy victims would go to low and moderate income families. But according to data released by the Fair Share Housing Center, which it received from the state, only 37 percent of these grants have gone to lower-income families.

A majority of these grants have gone to wealthier families and individuals. Low and moderate income, according to the Fair Share Housing Center, refers to $50,000 to $70,000 for a family of four.

The Fair Share Housing Center is suing the Christie administration for lack of transparency regarding how it has awarded federal disaster relief grants after Hurricane Sandy. In response, the administration turned over these documents.

According to the documents, only 4,051 $10,000 checks have been distributed to low- and moderate-income households, yet 6,914 higher-income households received the checks. The rate varies by county. In the worst-hit counties, the rate for checks to be distributed to low and moderate income was less than it was statewide. For instance, in Hudson County, only 27 percent of the checks went to low- and moderate-income families, while 73 percent went to those with higher incomes. In Monmouth County, the rate was 33 percent versus 67 percent. In Ocean, it was 36 percent versus 64 percent.