October 10, 2013 | Number of The Day
Tax Foundation continues to rank NJ near bottom in terms of business-tax climate

There’s been no change. Despite all the rhetoric in New Jersey about who is or who is not responsible or who is or who is not solving the tax burden, the nonpartisan but right-leaning Tax Foundation continues to rank New Jersey 49th in the country when it comes to solving the tax burden.

New Jersey ranks dead last for property taxes (no surprise there). But the foundation also points to the individual income tax as an issue, ranking the state 48th because the tax is progressive. It would prefer an across-the-board rate for all individuals. New Jersey also ranked 46th for sales tax and 41st for corporate taxes.

Who is to blame? As soon as the 2014 rankings were issued, the right wing Americans for Prosperity quickly issued a press release blaming the problem on New Jersey’s Democratic Legislature. There’s only so much “Gov. Chris Christie can do,” according to the group. Gordon MacInnes, president of the left-leaning New Jersey Policy Perspective, pointed to the fact that New York was the lone state with a lower ranking than New Jersey — 50th. He said that New York’s vibrant economy, in contrast to New Jersey’s sluggish jobs picture, was evidence that the relation between tax rates and prosperity is virtually nil.