Under Discussion: How Big a Win Does Christie Need to Meet Expectations?

NJ Spotlight | October 30, 2013 | More Issues, Politics
At NJ News Commons' weekly podcast, the conversation inevitably turns to Election 2013

With a massive lead in the polls, has Gov. Chris Christie raised expectations so high that anything less than a 20-point win in next week’s election may actually hurt him?

What about the governor’s coattails? What’s the latest prediction on whether they’re long enough to pull a few Republicans into the Legislature?

As the race approaches the final stretch, those and other political questions were up for discussion yesterday as NJ Spotlight joined the NJ News Commons’ weekly news podcast.

NJ Spotlight’s John Mooney and NJ.com’s Darryl Isherwood sat with NJ News Commons’ director Debbie Galant and deputy director Mary Mann for a half-hour conversation that spanned every facet of Election 2013, from how the Hurricane Sandy anniversary plays into the race to what may be next for both Christie and his challenger, state Sen. Barbara Buono.

NJ News Commons conducts its weekly podcasts of New Jersey news as part of its mission to help connect news organizations throughout the state. NJ News Commons is located at Montclair State University and is part of the School of Communication and Media. NJ Spotlight and NJ.com are both partners in the collaborative.