Sandy-Related Resources

NJ Spotlight | October 29, 2013 | Sandy
A comprehensive collection, ranging from state regulations, maps, and damage assessments to insurance forms, grant applications, and post-Sandy policy statements


Essential Guide to Flood Preparation and Planning

Disaster Safety Library

NJ Shore Protection Master Plan (1981)

NJ DEP’s Flood Hazard Area Control Act (See “Post-Sandy Policy Documents” section below for link to new amendments adopted)

Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA) — governs coastal construction

A Pre-Sandy Portrait of the Labor and Housing Landscape of NJ’s Hardest-Hit Areas

Baseline Demographic and Economic Conditions Prior to the Storm

Historical Sea-Level Rise in NJ

Interactive Maps Showing Urban Growth, Loss of Wetlands, etc. Throughout State from 1986-2007

Historical U.S. Hurricane Damage Statistics



Sandy Impact Analysis Map (zoom in and click on county for detailed information)]

Areas Where Flooding Occurred Vs. Places Where Flooding Was Predicted

Number of Damaged Homes, Town by Town

Average Damage Assessment, Town by Town

Sandy’s Impact on Tax Bases of Monmouth and Ocean County municipalities


Hurricane Sandy Timeline

Deaths Associated with Hurricane Sandy

Audit of FEMA’s Initial Response to Sandy to NJ

Rutgers Report: The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey

The Impact of Superstorm Sandy on New Jersey Towns and Households

Rutgers Report: Low-Income Households Impacted by Superstorm Sandy

Extreme Weather, Extreme Costs: The True Financial Impact of Hurricane Sandy on New Jersey Homeowners, Businesses and Municipalities

Hurricane Sandy’s Untold Filthy Legacy: Sewage

Assessment of Sandy’s Damage to the Recreational Marine Business in NJ

Potential Insurance and Reinsurance Implications of Hurricane Sandy

The Effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Homeless in NJ

Impacts of Sandy on Beach Nesting and Migratory Shorebirds in NJ

Impact of Sandy on Petroleum Supplies



Sandy-Related Insurance Claims, by Town

Sandy-Related Insurance Payouts, by Town

Sandy Recovery Loans, by Town

NJ Firms with Contracts for Sandy-Related Work

Federal Map of Sandy-Related Contracts (may be more current)


NJ Recovery Dashboard: Lists CDBG Grant Money Awarded So Far, Statewide and By County

Distribution of Sandy Aid money, by Federal Department and Agency, Post-Sequester Cuts (not including additional $9.7 billion to replenish National Flood Insurance Program)

Distribution of Sandy Aid Money, by State Department and Agency

Track Sandy Funds Received by Each Municipality

Information on CDBG Grant Programs Available to Homeowner, Homebuyers and Renters

Information on All CDBG Grants Administered by the NJ DCA (including those for landlords, businesses and local governments

Breakdown of CDBG Money Pledged for NJ (ignore estimated labor total)

FEMA Assistance Analysis: Who in NJ and NY Applied for FEMA Aid

Amount of FEMA Individual and Public Assistance Handed Out in NJ So Far (updated daily)

Rutgers Study Showing NJ vs. NY Disparity in Percentage of Applicants Approved for FEMA Individual and Household Assistance Grants

Chart of State Sandy Contracts Awarded

Sandy Recovery Scorecard: Track the Rebuilding Efforts in Each New Jersey Town

Information on NJ Building Codes and How to Rebuild Safer and Stronger to Prevent Future Damage

Report on Potential Legal Issues Arising from Sandy Recovery

Day Labor, Worker Centers and Disaster Relief Work in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Marine Insurance Market and the Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy

PSEG Nuclear Preparations, Impacts and Lessons Learned

Sandy Long-Term Relief and Recovery Assistance Guide

FEMA Mitigation Assessment Team Report on Hurricane Sandy in NY and NJ

The State of Sandy Recovery (January 2014 report from housing and civil rights organizations summarizing racial and economic inequities they found.)

Fair Share Housing (Sandy Recovery Documentation Obtained from the Christie Administration Under Open Public Meetings Act Litigation).


How the National Flood Insurance Program Works

Insurance Information Institute’s Guide to Flood Insurance

Look Up Flood Hazard Data and FEMA Elevation Requirements by Address

FEMA Flood Maps Released Sandy Vs. Latest Revisions

Estimate of Future Insurance Costs for Homeowners Who Elevate Their Properties

Number of Subsidized Flood Insurance Policyholders, By County, Whose Rates Will Be Going Up

Map Showing Where the Most National Flood Insurance Program Policies are in Effect

Study by Union of Concerned Scientists on Reforms Needed in the National Flood Insurance Program

NJ Flood Mapper: Interactive Tool to Visualize Future Coastal Flooding and Sea Level Rise

Insurance Information Institute Data on Insured Losses from Sandy

[link:|New Jersey Hurricane Insurance Facts and Statistics

Hurricane Sandy’s Storm Surge and the National Flood Insurance Program

Hurricane Sandy’s Storm Surge and the National Flood Insurance Program

Historical National Flood Insurance Program Payouts to Date, Listed by County and State (NJ ranks 3rd)

Wharton School Issue Brief: Addressing Affordability in the National Flood Insurance Program


President Obama’s Sandy Supplemental Funding Request

Rules for distribution of HUD Community Development Block Grant Sandy aid

April 19th Amendments to CDBG Regulations

NJ’s Disaster Recovery Action Plan (created to receive CDBG Sandy aid)

NJDEP Flood Hazard Control Act Amendments (passed to officially adopt new FEMA flood maps)

Fact Sheet on Flood Hazard Control Act Amendments

Federal Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force Report (issued August 2013)

Summary of Nine Key Findings from the Sandy Rebuilding Task Force



NJ Flood Mapper: Interactive Tool to Visualize Future Coastal Flooding and Sea Level Rise

NOAA Sea Level Rise Mapping Tool|NOAA Map of Critical Facilities in the Flood Zone (zoom in to county)

NOAA Map of Critical Facilities in the Flood Zone (zoom in to county)


Climate Central’s NJ Sea-Level Rise Analysis Tool

Climate Central Report: New Jersey and the Surging Sea

Princeton University Report: Future Sea Level Rise and the New Jersey Coast

Rutgers Working Brief on Climate Change’s Predicted Impacts on Coastal Communities

Assessing the Costs of Climate Change in New Jersey

NOAA Flood Exposure Coastal County Snapshots

NJDEP Report of Rising Cost and Difficulty of Beach Replenishment

NJ Community Planning Tool to Plan for Climate Change

Insurance Information Institute’s Primer on Climate Change-Related Insurance Issues

Association of State Flood Plain Managers: Hurricane Sandy Recovery – Using Mitigation to Build Safer and More Sustainable Communities

Inaction on Climate Change: The Cost to Taxpayers

Global Warming and Hurricanes

Building Coastal Resilience: Using Scenario Planning to Address Uncertainty and Change