Poll: How Has the Federal Government Shutdown Touched Your Life?

NJ Spotlight News | October 10, 2013 | Polling
Have you, your family, or your friends felt the impact of the government shutdown?

As the federal government shutdown goes into its second week, the affect on New Jerseyans seems muted or at least mixed. Some major programs, like Headstart, are endangered, but the impact is mostly being felt in other states and has yet to reach New Jersey. And while many government workers have been furloughed, they’re dispersed throughout the population, since New Jersey has fewer federal workers as a percentage of population than many other states. But the federal government, although it is keeping many essential services going thus far, weaves its way into citizens’ day-to-day lives. Federal parks — such as Ellis Island and Sandy Hook — are closed, and access to information about programs is limited. We’d like to know how the shutdown is affecting NJ Spotlight readers: