Number of the Day: 4

September 4, 2013 | Number of The Day
4 Out of 4 Criteria Met for Child Protection Disaster

It might be the result of unwanted experience with natural disasters, but according to a new report issued today by Save the Children, New Jersey meets all four of the criteria a Presidential Commission has set for the appropriate laws and regulations for protecting children from disasters.

The four criteria are those that the state requires of schools and childcare centers. They include having a written plan for evacuating children to different sites in the case of disasters; a plan for notifying parents and reuniting families following an emergency; a plan that accounts for children with disabilities; and a plan that addresses multiple types of hazards, and different responses such as lockdown, shelter-in-place, and evacuation.

New Jersey’s regulations are under revision, but Save the Children said it reviewed planned changes and that they all met the criteria. New Jersey was one of 22 states that met all four criteria.