Rutgers Redux: Higher Education Becomes Issue in Gubernatorial Contest

John Mooney | September 30, 2013 | Education
Christie points to Rutgers reorganization with pride, Buono points out that tuition statewide has increased

As higher education becomes an issue in the gubernatorial election, NJ Spotlight’s John Mooney visited WNYC Public Radio’s Brian Lehrer Show on Friday to talk about the winners and losers in the Rutgers consolidation, who’s to blame for tuition hikes, and even the state university’s school song.

Gov. Chris Christie has called the massive consolidation one of his major accomplishments, and the conversation on Friday focused on what has changed and who’s affected most.

Meanwhile, Democratic challenger Barbara Buono has placed the blame for tuition hikes statewide on the governor’s funding policies, but is that completely fair?

And for all the policy and money talk, what about the recent change to Rutgers’ century-old school song to make it gender neutral. For one thing, what took so long?

Listen to the audio.