Poor Region in Southern NJ Gets Overlooked for Hurricane Aid

Tracey Samuelson | September 4, 2013 | More Issues, Sandy
Cumberland County wasn't hit as hard by Sandy, but still needs relief aid -- and finds it hard to come by

Credit: Tracey Samuelson/NewsWorks
Hurricane Sandy relief aid has been hard to come by in Cumberland County, which avoided the devastation experienced oin towns and counties along the Atlantic coast but still sustained storm damage.
Folks in Cumberland County may feel like they live in the Land That Government Aid Agencies Forgot.

Reporter Tracy Samuelson of NewsWorks/WHYY, a partner of NJ Spotlight, looks at the oft-overlooked region of New Jew Jersey — and how it’s been pretty much an afterthought when it comes to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts and providing financial assistance.

While towns in this isolated southern county — New Jersey’s poorest — were not hit nearly as hard by Hurricane Sandy, there was still damage to homes and businesses along the lower Delaware River and Delaware Bay. But Cumberland County is not listed among the top nine counties with the most damage from the superstorm, making it ineligible for some funding and putting it low on the priority list for other types of aid.

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