Number of the Day: $282,844

August 12, 2013 | Number of The Day
Latest Post-Sandy Price-Gouging Settlements

It took a little while but the state has successfully pursued and won settlements from eight businesses accused of price-gouging customers in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy. The Attorney General’s office has announced settlements with eight businesses — four hotels, three gas station operators, and a hardware store — totaling nearly $283,000 for unjustifiably raising prices on consumers following Sandy.

These settlements — the first involving hotel operators — will result in reimbursements to 185 affected customers. Two of the hotels are located in the Princeton area, one in Pleasantville and another in Cologne. The gas stations are located in Lyndhurst, Newark, and Paterson. The hardware store is in Chatham.

In addition to these settlements, the state announced two previous price-gouging settlements against other retail operators, bringing the total Sandy-related price gouging settlements to $328,844.