Number of the Day: 1,500

July 26, 2013 | Number of The Day
Cars taken off streets

Every day about 1,500 cars wind their way through local streets of Elizabeth and Linden just to connect between the Goethals Bridge and Routes 1 & 9.

Drivers are forced to do this because there is no direct link between 1 & 9 and Interstate 278, even though they are less than five miles away from each other.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which is also undertaking an overhaul of the Goethals Bridge, has agreed to rectify the situation by building an interchange ramp between the two highways. It will cost $130 million, but the interstate transportation agency says it will result in 250 jobs, payroll wages of $22 million, and $190 million in regional economic activity. The interchange is expected to be completed in 2019.