Number of the Day: $10M

July 12, 2013 | Number of The Day
Paid in Crime Compensation

The state Victims of Crime Compensation Office awarded nearly $10 million ($9.97 million) to 3,971 victims in 2012, the most since 2008.

Compensation of a victim through the state office is limited to $25,000 and is aimed at providing claimants with funds in the place of economic loss. These can include medical expenses not covered by insurance, funeral expenses, loss of earnings, childcare costs, crime-scene cleanup, relocation expenses, and reimbursements.

Of the approved claims last year, 64 percent related to assault (mostly physical assault, totaling $5.1 million). Homicide claims made up the second-largest group, at 14 percent, followed by sexual assault (13.6 percent), and child abuse (3.6 percent).

Medical and dental benefits were the leading type of compensation (46.7 percent), followed by economic support (32.9 percent), funeral/burial (15.5 percent) and mental health (6.8 percent.)