The List: Projected Costs for NJ’s Utilities to Recover from Sandy

Tom Johnson | July 29, 2013 | The List
The question isn't how much the utilities are looking for, but how much their customers will have to shell out

In the next few months, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities will hold a proceeding to determine how the state’s gas and electric utilities will recover costs from extreme storms like Sandy. With expenses exceeding $1 billion, the payback will definitely mean increases in customer energy bills,.

Here are projected costs for just Hurricane Sandy from each of the eight utilities (Public Service Electric & Gas has both a gas and an electric subsidiary, which are combined here). Costs for other extreme events remain outstanding.

1. Jersey Central Power & Light: $630 million

During the storm, it deployed 13,000 workers, including employees and contractors, who removed 65,000 trees; replaced 6,700 utility poles, 3,600 transformers, and 400 miles of wire.

2. Public Service Electric & Gas: $250 million -$300 million

The state’s largest electric utility had 1.7 million customers lose power at some point during the superstorm. The utility trimmed 40,000 trees and repaired or replaced 2,000 utility poles. At its peak, there were more than 4,000 workers trying to restore power.

3. Atlantic City Electric: $85 million

The utility in South Jersey located where Hurricane Sandy made a landfall near the resort city had 220,000 customers lose electricity. At its peak, the utility had 2,800 employees and contractors working to restore power.

4. New Jersey Natural Gas: $76.3 million

The Wall Township utility’s franchise is located in some of the areas hardest hit by the storm. NJNG had to re-pressurize or replace more than 270 miles of mains; replace or rebuild 51,000 meters; and restore service to more than 31,700 customers.

5. Rockland Electric: $25 million-$30 million

The state’s smallest electric utility located in northern New Jersey took 11 days to restore power to all of its customers.

6. Elizabethtown Gas: $1.5 million

The storm damaged nearly 8,000 premises, which the utility restored by November 5. It also replaced an estimated 1,100 flooded meters.

7. South Jersey Gas: $0.5 million

The Voorhees utility suffered the least damage of any utility. Like other utilities, however, it is offering special rebates for homes and businesses in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.