Podcast: Why the Lights Stayed On During NJ’s Recent Heat Wave

NJ Spotlight News | July 25, 2013 | Podcasts
NJ Spotlight's energy & environment writer, Tom Johnson, explains what steps electric utilities have taken to prevent widespread outages

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Did your lights stay on — and did your air conditioners and fans keep humming — during New Jersey’s recent week-long heat wave?

Much of the credit goes to the region’s utility companies for doing something right, says NJ Spotlight’s energy & environment writer, Tom Johnson

In a , managing editor of WHYY/NewsWorks, an NJ Spotlight partner, Johnson explains and examines steps that power companies have taken to help ease the strain on the electric grid.

These include implementing effective demand-response policies to reduce the load on the system on the hottest days when AC units are cranked to high statewide. Further, hardening the grid to make it more resilient has helped keep the lights on and the ice cubes in plentiful supply.

Also in the works: new technologies that can store energy from renewable sources, which, when operational, will further relieve the drain on the power grid.