Jacking Up Houses on the Jersey Shore

NJ Spotlight | July 9, 2013 | Housing, More Issues, Sandy
Rebuilding stronger and higher is the watchword along the Jersey Shore, housejacking gets the job done

If housejacking sounds like something dangerous, that’s because it is. What else would you call deploying more than a dozen jacks to lift a 75-ton house on the Jersey Shore a few inches at a time — as detailed by Tracey Samuelson for NJ Spotlight partner WHYY/NewsWorks.

Housejacking is a key component of the effort to reclaim the Shore by building stronger and higher, shifting houses out of harm’s way before the next superstorm batters the Jersey coast.

It’s also a booming business, so much so that one “jacker” from Louisiana moved his family north so he can be where and when he’s needed. (His 16-year-old son is part of the business.)

So what does shifting a Point Pleasant home off its foundation sound like? WHYY/NewsWorks’ podcast is an aural portrait of the strain and struggle, without breaking a sweat.