Number of the Day: 23,381

May 13, 2013 | Number of The Day

In 2012, 23,381 criminal offenders spent some time in one of New Jersey’s correctional institutions, whether they were prisons, youth correctional facilities, or halfway houses. Of them, 54 percent were serving time for violent offenses, 22 percent for drug offenses, and 4 percent for public policy offenses, which include racketeering, illegal gambling, corruption, and perjury.

Of the 747 women in prison, 25 percent were serving time for murder, while 21 percent of adult males were in prison for murder. About 38 percent of inmates were 30 or younger. The median age of prisoners in adult facilities was 34.

The median term was 6 years, and 72 percent of offenders had a mandatory minimum sentence. Sadly, 32 percent were convicted to a term of 10 years or more, and 5 percent were serving a life sentence with parole eligibility. There were 61 prisoners serving life without parole.