Number of the Day: 71 percent

May 9, 2013 | Number of The Day

New Jersey coastal residents want the government to take a hard line on rebuilding after Sandy. The vast majority (71 percent) support creating a state commission to coordinate planning and rebuilding along the shore, according to a recent poll by Monmouth University Polling Institute.

An even greater majority (89 percent) want stricter storm-resistant building codes. And 55 percent support allowing state regulators to determine which areas of the shore can or cannot be rebuilt based on storm risk.

When it comes to dune restoration and other methods of protection that could block ocean views, 82 percent want these structures built. Indeed, 74 percent support allowing beachfront homeowners to rebuild only if they agree to have dunes or sea walls placed in front of their property. Oddly enough, support from those who would be directly affected — waterfront home dwellers — is running even higher (82 percent).

Nevertheless, the issue of whether to require easements of private property owners is controversial. Support for giving towns the authority is much higher among Ocean County residents (62 percent) than it is among those in Monmouth County (35 percent) or along the southern shore (40 percent).