Statewide Testing in Language Arts and Science for NJ’s Smallest Scholars

John Mooney | May 7, 2013 | Education
With two days of testing in language arts, NJ ASK can be a rigorous exam for elementary school students

Yesterday, we took a look at few of the types of math questions that elementary school students come up against on the NJ ASK exam. Today, we do the same for language arts and science (and give you another opportunity to test yourself, as well).

The language arts section of NJ ASK spans two days of testing for grades 3-5, and includes multiple-choice and open-ended questions that gauge whether students understand what they read and can write in a variety of formats.

The reading section comprises stories or fact-based texts. The writing section asks students to create a story of their own, as well as an informative/explanatory piece based on their knowledge.

The state’s science test is only given in the elementary schools in the fourth grade, using both multiple-choice and open-ended questions. The section, which requires an additional day for the fourth graders, test students in life, physical, and earth sciences.

Here is a sampling of questions in both language arts and science. Once you’ve checked your answers against those at the bottom of the page, we again invite you to comment on New Jersey’s statewide testing and what it asks of our youngest schoolchildren.

NJASK Lucky Grandma
NJASK Science Multiple choice
NJASK Science Open End Weight
NJASK Science Open End Apples

Answers: 1, C; 7, 100 grams, 60 grams, 40 grams, size and weight; 9, remove apples, get help from friend, greater force, push uphill, add apples, push over rough surface