NJ Ask Testing: Moving on to Middle-School Math

John Mooney | May 8, 2013 | Education
For middle-school students -- as well as their parents -- math can be a bit of a mystery

After two days of elementary school questions, we move to what the state is demanding of middle-school students in its annual NJ ASK testing.

And as many parents can attest, especially when it comes to math, this is where even college graduates start to need a little extra time – and maybe scrap paper – to remember exactly what they learned in middle school.

Two types of math questions are used: open ended (or constructed response) and multiple choice. Students are allowed to use calculators on about half of the questions,

The math tests last 2 hours and 13 minutes over two days. And while other NJ ASK exams are beginning to move this year to the Common Core State Standards, the math section remains aligned with New Jersey’s previous standards for another year.

The NJ ASK for grades 6-8 actually started last week, with grade 6 finishing up tomorrow. Feel free to test your prowess on these questions; we’ll follow up with language arts and science tomorrow.

Don’t worry, we provide the answers at the bottom of the page, as well as an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on these questions and comment on New Jersey’s testing system as a whole.

NJASK 6-8 question1
NJASK 6-8 question2
NJASK 6-8 question3
NJASK 6-8 question4
NJASK 6-8 answer4

Answers: 1, 6; 2, D; 3, A