Number of the Day: 84%

April 25, 2013 | Number of The Day

It seems Republicans and Democrats can come together to agree on some things, at least here in New Jersey. Regardless of gender or political persuasion, New Jerseyans seem to agree when it comes to the impact of Hurricane Sandy and what to do about the Jersey shore, according to a new Rutgers-Eagleton poll released today.

For instance, 84 percent of New Jerseyans support encouraging landowners to rebuild homes and business further from the waterfront, regardless of whether they call themselves a Democrat or a Republican. More Democrats (61 percent) said they were strongly supportive of the idea, while only 52 percent of Republicans offered strong support. However, when combined with those who said they were in favor, just not strongly, both parties totaled 83 percent. (Independents tended to split the difference and brought the total to 84 percent.)

A similar trend was found when asked if public funds should be used to replenish sand and create wider beaches. A total of 73 percent of Democrats and 74 percent Republicans agreed, as did 69 percent of Independents. When asking about sand dunes or seawalls being built and maintained between buildings and the beach, almost all New Jerseyans agreed (Democrats 89 percent vs. 90 percent Republicans, although Democrats were more strongly in favor of the idea.)

Even when asked whether a waterfront town should be abandoned if repair and rebuilding were to cost the government too much, the two parties seem to be in relative agreement. About 58 percent of Republicans supported that idea, while only 51 percent of Democrats did.