Number of the Day: 95%

April 24, 2013 | Number of The Day

The American Lung Association’s 2013 report on air quality across the country finds that New Jersey’s air quality may be the best on record but over 95 percent of residents live in regions with failing grades for ozone smog.

Following a national long-term trend, four New Jersey counties improved their ratings for particle, or “soot,” pollution. The Philadelphia-Camden-Vineland region is no longer listed among the 25 worst regions in the country for short-term pollution, falling to 29th. But it ranks 11th for long-term pollution.

The New York-Newark-Bridgeport metropolitan area, which includes 13 of the state’s northern counties, was ranked 55th for short-term pollution and 45th for long term.

New Jersey didn’t perform as well when it came to smog — 11 counties were given an “F” and three were awarded a “D”. The state was tied for 17th worst in the country. South Jersey improved its ranking from 16th to 20th.

Information about north Jersey is scheduled to appear today. The American Lung Association also provides a mobile app that tells the condition of the air on any given day.