Special Report: Six Months After Sandy

Aaron Fischer | April 30, 2013 | Housing, More Issues, Sandy
Tracking the recovery and the rebuilding, the resilience and the sometimes-surprising optimism

Literally six months and a day after Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey, residents are still coming to terms with the billions of dollars worth of damage it did to homes, offices, buildings, boardwalks, and . . . The superstorm also reshaped much of the shore, washing away the beaches that draw tourists from across the state and the country, and hammering the dunes that in some instances absorbed some of the worst of Sandy’s blows.

To commemorate Hurricane Sandy’s six-month anniversary, NJ Spotlight partner WNYC has put together a special package that traces the storm’s progress — and the progress of communities and towns as they struggle to restore where possible and rebuild when there is no other choice. In many instances it is an aural portrait of resilience and at-times surprising optimism. Ultimately, it may well be a record of the real Jersey Comeback.