Number of the Day: $3 billion

March 26, 2013 | Number of The Day

Everyone knows that helping New Jersey homeowners rebuild from Hurricane Sandy is a big-ticket proposition, and now FEMA is starting to put some numbers to the effort. Thus far, according to the agency, it has paid out $3 billion in National Flood Insurance Program claims to folks in the Garden State, and has approved another $373 million in grants to individuals and households — the bulk of which ($321.9 million) is for housing assistance. A total of 124,479 housing inspections have been completed. (All data is current as of March 25.)

SBA disaster loans also contribute to the tally: $651.7 million has been OK’d for New Jersey homeowners, renters, and businesses. And $206.7 million in FEMA Public Assistance grants to communities and some nonprofits that serve the public have been approved as well.

The big picture involves more than money. According to FEMA, it has been contacted by 258,991 New Jerseyans looking for help or information, and there have been 84,054 visits to its nine Disaster Recovery Centers. Sandy survivors can locate the nearest center online.

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