Number of the Day: 83.2 %

March 4, 2013 | Number of The Day

New Jersey’s 2011 four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate (ACGR) is 83.2 percent, according Building A Grad Nation, an annual study by four education organizations, including America’s Promise Alliance, a group founded by former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

The ACGR tracks the rate of graduation in four years of the individuals in a cohort year, differentiating it between students who graduate in five or six years, or those who get a certificate of completion or a GED. The ACGR for New Jersey, which tracks the number of freshman students who eventually graduate, is 83.2 percent.

Although the 83.2 percent falls short of the goal of 90 percent — which the Garden State is projected to achieve by 2020 — it ranks New Jersey among the top 15 states in terms of graduate rate in the country, which was 78.2 percent.

The 90 percent ACGR has already been achieved for white students in New Jersey, but there are gaps in achievement for both African-American and Hispanic students. The 2011 ACGR in New Jersey for African-Americans was 69 percent, while it was 73 percent for Hispanics.