Podcast: Newark Gets Loud at School-Reform Forum

Newark has become a hotbed of school reform, both for the district schools and for the rapidly growing number of charters

Newark was host to a lively — some would say raucous — forum Wednesday night about the city’s school reforms, ranging from efforts in the district schools themselves, to the big influx of charter schools, to the $100 million Facebook gift.

The forum was held at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and hosted and led by WNYC and New Jersey Public Radio. It attracted key players from across the spectrum of debate, such as Mayor Cory Booker, Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson, and representatives from the ranks of teachers, principals, charter schools, and the community.

The audience proved to be a central player as well, with students especially making their presence known.

NJ Spotlight’s John Mooney served on a panel of moderators for the event, and he joined WNYC host Brian Lehrer and NJPR managing editor Nancy Solomon on WNYC’s “Brian Lehrer Show” yesterday morning to air some excerpts and discuss the event and its lessons.