Voices from NJ Spotlight

Paula Saha | February 11, 2013
Did you catch these quotes last week? Here’s a chance to get up to speed as a new week gets under way.

It’s not just who said it, but what they said that really counts. Consider this an opportunity to review a few of the more striking quotes posted to NJ Spotlight in the past week.

Physician-Assisted Suicide

“I would hope that I would have more options than starving myself or taking my life in a violent way … I don’t know how I truly will feel when that time may come, but it comforts me to think there could be a process, a way to offer options that would not hurt my family.”

— Claudia Dowling Burzichelli testifying before the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee. Burzichelli told legislators how her father committed suicide while struggling with Parkinson’s disease and about her mother-in-law’s battle with terminal breast cancer. Burzichelli has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. The full story.

Power Auctions

“That’s an awfully large increase … It’s a clear signal to me the auction system is broken in many places.’’

— Hal Bozarth, executive director of the Chemistry Industry Council of New Jersey, after the state announced the results of this year’s electricity auction. The auction is part of the process for determining the price of electrical power. [link:https://www.njspotlight.com/stories/13/02/07/yearly-electricity-auction-yields-mixed-results-for-nj-consumers/|The full story.

Ocean Grove’s Boardwalk

“There’s no difference between our beachfront and any other on the Jersey Shore. So why wouldn’t we be supported by FEMA funds, as compared to other towns.”

–Ralph del Campo, interim chief operating officer of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association. Ocean Grove learned last week that FEMA won’t fund a new boardwalk after Sandy because the association is a private nonprofit and ineligible for FEMA aid. The full story.

Christie vs. Buono

“I’d say Buono loses well if she gets 45 percent or better. There is a long time for something to happen. The state budget could give Christie some political difficulties this spring. She could pull off a miracle and win.”

— NJTV’s Michael Aron analyzes the 2016 gubernatorial race between incumbent Chris Christie and Sen. Barbara Buono. The full story.

Online Testing

“The overall cost is significant, and I wonder if our technology dollars would be put to better use for student learning, rather than ensuring we have enough workstations and space to add additional assessments to a system already overburdened with testing.”

— Charles Sampson, superintendent of Freehold Regional High School Districts, on getting ready for online testing in schools. The full story.