Number of the Day: 30,900

January 18, 2013 | Number of The Day

New Jersey gained 30,900 jobs in the private sector workforce, which the Christie administration was quick to tout as the highest single monthly employment gain since records started being calculated this way in 1990.

The administration noted that 103,200 private sector jobs were created since Christie took office. Nevertheless, the state’s unemployment rate remains a stubbornly high 9.6 percent. Nationally, it is 7.8 percent.

Democrats dismissed the administration’s boasting, saying that many of the new jobs were in retail for the Christmas season and pointing to the dismal overall unemployment rate, which did go down 0.01 percent from 9.7 percent. “Enough is enough already,” said Senate President Steve Sweeney, in a release. “While [Christie]
is busy erasing blackboards and acting like none of this is happening, people in this state are suffering under decade’s high unemployment.”