Number of the Day: 51 percent

January 10, 2013 | Number of The Day

Gov. Chris Christie is riding high this week, looking forward to a Time Magazine cover, basking in applause from a well-received State of the State Address that highlighted bipartisanship, and fresh from interviews on many national morning news shows. Now, a new poll from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling shows him with a 51 percent approval rating among registered voters nationally.

The only problem: the governor polls higher among Democrats than Republicans.

The poll shows that Christie, who many think will take a run at the White House in the next election, gets a 52 percent approval rating from Democrats and Independents but only 48 percent from Republicans. His unfavorable rating is 27 percent among the GOP and only gets higher (29 percent) with people who describe themselves as “very conservative.”

Hispanics are less likely to support Christie (40 percent) than either whites (52 percent) or African-Americans (46 percent). A majority of those over 30 (52 percent or 53 percent) approve of Christie’s performance, while only 39 percent under 30 approve and 33 percent do not.