Fine Print: Sandy by the Numbers — an Update

Tom Johnson | January 11, 2013 | Energy & Environment
A straightforward assessment of the destructive power that raised Sandy to the status of 'superstorm'

$18 billion: Amount the federal government has kicked in for debris removal

7 million: Number of people left without power

2.5 million: Amount of cubic yards of debris removed to date

800,000: Number of daily and public transit customers affected

346,000 homes: Damaged or destroyed

185,000: Number of businesses in New Jersey impacted

116,000: Number of New Jerseyans evacuated or displaced from homes

41,000: Number of families still displaced from their homes

100,000: Number of storm-related unemployment claims

17,000: Number of out-of-state utility workers who came to New Jersey to restore power

8,000: Estimated number of jobs lost in November because of Sandy

1,400: Number of sunken vessels in the wake of the storm

1,000: Number of schools that lost their power

6: Number of schools completely destroyed by Sandy

600: Number of full or partial road closures

127: Number of shelters open at the peak of the storm