Interactive Map: NJ Firms with Contracts for Sandy-Related Work

Colleen O'Dea | January 4, 2013 | Map of the Week, Maps, Sandy

Contracts awarded to New Jersey businesses to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, as of 12/27/12. Some businesses have multiple contracts. Click on a location to get the details of its contract. If the report indicates there are multiple contracts, zoom in to street level to access information on each of the contracts.

Source: Federal Procurement Data System Hurricane Sandy Report

While Congress has yet to act on a $60.4 billion disaster-aid package, federal agencies already have contracted to spend at least $412 million for Hurricane Sandy cleanup and recovery efforts along the East Coast.

Specific information about the spending is available from the Federal Procurement Data System, a project of the General Services Administration that provides public information on federal contracts.

A report issued Dec. 27 by the FPDS on funding for storm-related projects listed 723 separate contracts and changes as of that date, with a base value of $270 million and a total of $412 million.

This is still only a portion of the contracts that have been awarded because many contractors working on Sandy cleanup and repair projects have been unable to enter their awards into the automated system, either because they don’t have access to their computer systems or because they have not had the time to enter the information, according to the report.

The FPDS report states it is “impossible” to estimate the total amount awarded at this time, but that the totals will increase as more data is entered.

Because of the way information is reported for all of the affected East Coast states, it is also impossible to say specifically how much money is being spent separately on post-Sandy projects in New Jersey. But based on the descriptions of the contracts and the locations of the contractors, that total likely was around $120 million, as of two months after the storm.

Some of that amount was for contracts that have already ended – for evacuation services, sandbags, translation services, water removal and meals. Other contracts — for office supplies, trash disposal, security guards, construction costs and housing inspections — are to be funded through the end of 2013 and beyond.

So far, according to the database, New Jersey companies have gotten more than $9.6 million in contracts for work in state and elsewhere.

The biggest New Jersey beneficiary has been Interocean Ugland Management Corporation of Voorhees, which the database shows got $5.5 million from the federal Maritime Administration for management fees, facilities upgrades and ship support in Virginia and New York. Other New Jersey businesses getting big contracts include Donjon Marine of Hillside, being paid $660,000 for work in Staten Island and Northport, N.Y., and Ken’s Marine Service of Bayonne, garnering $600,000 for work in New York and New Jersey.

There are a lot of small contracts, as well. For instance, a Cape May Courthouse cleaning and alteration business got two contracts, each for less than $100, for sewing work on U.S. Coast Guard uniforms. And the Federal Emergency Management Agency spent $480 to lease three shredder bins at Fort Dix from a Mount Holly document-destruction firm.

New Jersey-related contracts also can be viewed as spreadsheets.