Number of the Day: 81 percent

November 21, 2012 | Number of The Day

National Republican bigwigs may be grumbling about Gov. Chris Christie’s embrace of President Barack Obama during the Hurricane Sandy crisis, but New Jerseyans of all political stripes are applauding him for it. According to a recent Rutgers Eagleton poll, 81 percent of those surveyed said that Christie’s praise of Obama “showed needed cooperation and bipartisanship,” with only 12 percent saying Christie went too far in his praise.

That response was not limited to Democrats, 88 percent of whom agreed with that statement, but Independents (80 percent) and Republicans (69 percent) also endorsed his position.

Indeed, Christie seems to have done himself a favor with an election looming next year, since a whopping 92 percent of adults say they thought he handled the crisis “well” (69 percent said “very well”; 23 percent said “somewhat well”; only five percent said “poorly”).

Christie’s performance also earned him “more” support from 61 percent of those queried. Obama earned kudos from 84 percent of those polled (56 percent “very well”; 28 percent “somewhat well”). Both were given a 65 percent favorability rating by those polled, with Christies performing somewhat better in terms of registered voters (67 percent.)

Respondents were also asked their opinion of Newark Mayor Corey Booker’s response to the storm. Some observers expect Booker to run against Christie for governor next year. Booker was also given good marks (27 percent said he performed “very well” and 22 percent said “somewhat well”), but far fewer of those polled felt they knew Booker’s performance well enough to respond, since 46 percent said they didn’t know.