Number of the Day: 444,887

November 19, 2012 | Number of The Day

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there are 444,887 veterans living in New Jersey — about 6.5 percent of the adult population. The largest group, 33 percent, consists of veterans of the Vietnam War — the last war that had a draft. The largest group by age comprises veterans 75 years of age and older, with 14.6 percent of the total having served in the Korean War. The number of World War II vets alive and living in New Jersey is sizable, 12.7 percent of the total. The first Gulf War accounted for 9.6 percent of Garden State veterans; the second Gulf War, 7.9 percent of the total.

Most of New Jersey’s veterans are white (85 percent vs. 11.2 percent African-American) and male (94.7 percent). About 24.2 percent are disabled and 9.9 percent are unemployed.