NJ Schools Back in Session After Sandy, If Not Quite Back to Normal

John Mooney | November 13, 2012 | Education, Sandy
Displaced students, building repairs, transportation woes still plague many reopened districts

“Normal” will likely be a relative term for some time as it applies to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but when it comes to New Jersey’s schools, a big first step in that direction will be just opening again.

And as of today, New Jersey’s public schools are pretty much 99 percent there.

Every day since Sandy could be discussed in the past tense, the state Department of Education has put out an update of how many public schools were open or able to open.

Yesterday, the department announced that all but 12 schools in eight districts would be open today, a monumental recovery considering that roughly half of them were open a week ago.

That’s 99.4 percent of all schools, and 98.8 percent of all districts, the department said.

Serious hardships continue in scores of districts, however. The state’s school boards association said its outreach efforts had found a host of challenges concerning displaced students, building repairs, and transportation.

The association also connected at least 40 schools with donors and other charitable efforts to supply them with everything from desks and furniture to books and supplies. Some of the donating organizations were from as far away as California and Virginia.

Still, even the schools still closed have made accommodations with neighboring districts or nonpublic schools to provide them with space, according to the state.

These schools and their accommodations are:

  • Little Ferry Memorial School — Students will attend school at Little Ferry Washington Elementary School.
  • Red Bank Primary School — Students will attend other Red Bank elementary schools until November 19.
  • Moonachie — Students attending Wood-Ridge schools.
  • Stone Harbor — Students attending Avalon district.
  • Sandy Hook Marine Academy of Science and Technology — Students will attend St. Joseph’s in Keyport.
  • Monmouth Beach — Students will attend other schools in the area depending on grade level: Pre-K through K, Oceanport; grades 1 through 4, West Long Branch; grades 5 through 8, Shore Regional.
  • Union Beach — Students attending St. Catherine’s in Keyport.
  • Long Beach Island Grade School — Students will attend Jacobsen Schools on Long Beach Island.
  • Bay Head — Students will attend school at Point Pleasant Beach.
  • Beach Haven — Students will attend school in Eagleswood, effective Wednesday.
  • Seaside Heights — Students will attend school at Central Regional.
  • Lavallette — Students will attend school at St. Barbara’s in Toms River.