Number of the Day: 40 percent

October 12, 2012 | Number of The Day

Few people enjoy going to the dentist, but that’s not the reason that 40 percent of New Jerseyans have gone more than a year without a visit, according to a recent study by Rutgers University Center for State Health Policy. Lack of dental coverage is the most likely reason, since people without dental coverage are 2.4 times more likely to avoid going than those with coverage. Indeed, 44.3 percent of New Jerseyans have no dental coverage, and 43.1 percent of people have lost one or more teeth to decay or gum disease. About 20 percent have fair or poor perceived dental health.

The largest cohort with no dental visits and no dental coverage is Hispanic and the two largest age groups are 65 and over and 19 to 29 years of age.