Number of the Day: 1511

September 26, 2012 | Number of The Day

With high school seniors starting to think college applications, New Jersey’s most recent graduating class set the bar pretty high on the SAT entrance exams. The mean score for all students — public and private — was 1511 across the math, reading, and writing sections. The maximum score for the exam is 2400.

New Jersey’s mean score was up a few points from the year before, with close to 80 percent of all in-state students taking the SATs.

New Jersey beat the national mean of 1498 combined, but among states where at least three-quarters of students take the SAT, New Jersey is still bested by Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Vermont. As with the country as a whole, mean scores haven’t improved much over the past decade, if at all, according to the College Board’s full report.