Webcast Wrap-Up: Christie’s Keynote

John Mooney | August 29, 2012 | More Issues
New Jersey governor sounded some familiar themes, as much about himself as about Romney

He mentioned Springsteen. He talked about growing up in Livingston. He repeated how he is definitely his Sicilian mother’s son — a half-dozen times.

Gov. Chris Christie’s famous New Jersey moxie was on full display last night before a receptive Republican convention and as many as 10 million people watching at home.

It was classic Christie.

NJ Spotlight’s John Mooney was among a half-dozen participants commenting on the speech in a special video webcast of the event and its aftermath, hosted by NJ News Commons, a new statewide news collaborative out of Montclair State University.

In the groups’ first “Google Plus Hangout on Air,” local and national journalists and experts weighed in on a host of questions:

Did Christie live up to expectations? Did he ably promote the most important player in the room, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Did he make a case for the party’s vision for the country? And did he make an even better case for himself in 2016?

All this and more are touched on in the archived YouTube video available here. Readers can also get a full transcript of Christie’s speech here.

In addition to Mooney, NJ Spotlight’s founding editor and education reporter, the webcast included:

  • John Celock, state politics reporter and Patch liaison for The Huffington Post. Based in Washington, he is the author of “The Next Generation: Young Elected Officials and Their Impact on American Politics;
  • Debbie Galant, director of the NJ News Commons, founder and former co-editor of Baristanet, and former New Jersey columnist for The New York Times;
  • Sal Rizzo, political reporter for The Star-Ledger of New Jersey;
  • Steve Johnson, multimedia journalism professor at Montclair State and former journalist with Patch, the Associated Press, MSNBC, and Court TV;
  • Fred Tuccillo, Patch senior regional editor for Central Jersey and the Shore, and former national editor for Newsday, where he directed coverage of several conventions;
  • Julie Winokur, independent documentary producer and founder of Bring It to the Table, a Kickstarter-funded initiative to foster civility in political dialogue. The Montclair resident joined the webcast from Tampa.