Number of the Day: 60

August 28, 2012 | Number of The Day

There are 60 New Jersey state employees collecting two paychecks totaling nearly $10 million a year, according to the website NJ Watchdog. What’s more, nearly a third of them (19) have been hired by the Christie administration.

The average salary of these employees is $92,461, while their average pension compensation is $73,517 for a total yearly sum of $165,978. The second check for the 60 employees come to $5.547 million for a total annual compensation of $9.958 million.

In addition to their current salary, all but one of these double-dippers receive a retirement check from a state law enforcement agency — either the state police, criminal justice department or corrections department. They’ve been rehired with a new full-time salary to work in a variety of departments, including Banking and Insurance, Homeland Security, as well as the Offices of the Governor, Comptroller, Attorney General and Secretary of State.

By far the largest number of repeat employees has occurred when state police workers retire and then go to work for Criminal Justice. However, there are a couple of instances of returning to their pre-existing departments. For a list of the double-dippers and their compensation, click here.