Spotlight Podcast: Electric Cars Charge Ahead, But Slowly in NJ

The technology is picking up steam but the state is still far behind in developing the infrastructure for plug-in electric vehicles

Electric vehicle charging station
Electric vehicles are beginning to make inroads in New Jersey, but a dearth of public charging stations — as well as high sticker prices — are slowing the switch to plug-ins.

In this week’s environmental writer Tom Johnson discusses the current resources for electric cars in New Jersey and what the future holds for the technology with partner WHYY NewsWorks NJ.

A report released Tuesday by Environment New Jersey suggests electric vehicles in New Jersey could reduce oil dependence by more than three million gallons per year, if the state had the right policies in place.

A Montclair restaurant with a public plug-in station on its menu was featured in a story by NJ Spotlight to highlight the topic.

In a conversation with NewsWorks New Jersey’s editor Josh Simeone, Johnson says there are about 84 plug-in electric charging stations in New Jersey, but most are in residential garages and not available to the public. With price tags around $40,000, there’s a reluctance to buy electric cars, especially if consumers don’t believe stations will be there when they need to recharge.