Number of the Day: $1,000

July 16, 2012 | Number of The Day

Do you have a 30-year-old refrigerator lurking in the basement or garage, just to handle overflow for parties and holidays? What about an old freezer, standing on what you suspect may be its last legs, but once used for major meat purchases or storing the results of hunting or fishing trips? If you do, the state may pay you a reward of $1,000 for recycling it.

The state Board of Public Utilities has launched a contest to find the oldest refrigerator-freezer in the Garden State and will reward the winner with $1,000 for recycling it.

The BPU already offers a $50 incentive to anyone who recycles his or her refrigerator-freezer, but now anyone who signs up to have the appliance picked up between July and September will be automatically entered into the contest. The owner of the oldest fridge or freezer recycled through the program will win a $1,000 gift card toward Energy Start products at any New Jersey Sears store.

On average a newer refrigerator or freezer consumes 1,000 fewer kWh a year than one manufactured before 1990 and is likely to cost $150 a year to operate. Recycling 20,000 old refrigerators results in energy savings equivalent to what is used in 1,400 homes or removing 40,000 cars from the road for a year.