Number of the Day: 22 percent

July 6, 2012 | Number of The Day

Nuclear power makes up about 22 percent of the state’s energy consumption in the summer, with New Jersey using 4,100 megawatts of nuclear power in 2010. The state’s three plants and four reactors generated 32,771 megawatts of power that year, which came to about 50 percent of the state’s generating capacity. The only type of fuel used more in New Jersey is natural gas, with 55.6 percent usage in the summer. But natural gas plants only generate 24,902 megawatts, 37.9 percent of power.

The state’s three plants are Oyster Creek, a boiling water reactor operated by Exelon, and the oldest plant in the nation, located at Forked River; PSEG Hope Creek, a boiling water reactor operator by PSEG Power, located in Lower Alloways Creek Township in Salem County; and PSEG Salem Nuclear Power, a two-unit pressurized light water reactor, located near Hope Creek in Salem County. Altogether the three plants employ about 2,000 people.