Number of the Day: 4

June 21, 2012 | Number of The Day

By most measures, New Jersey’s biotech sector remains a solid fourth
in the nation among regions, according to a recent Ernst & Young 2012 global biotechnology report.

San Francisco, New England and San Diego each ranked higher than the Garden State in terms of number of public companies, revenues, cash and assets. Los Angeles/Orange County also ranked higher than the Garden State in terms of market capitalization, revenue and total assets.

But in general, New Jersey has the fourth highest number of public companies (24, down 4 percent from 2010) market capitalization ($42.7 billion, up 29 percent) and R&D investment ($1.5 billion, up 3 percent). It ranked third in terms of income ($964 million up 56 percent) and fifth in terms of revenue ($5.5 billion, up 26 percent) and total assets ($11.9 billion, down 1 percent).

Indeed, New Jersey’s biotech revenues, R&D investment, net income and assets were higher than any country in Europe’s, the largest of which is the U.K, with $8.6 billion in assets, $4.9 billion in revenue and $1 billion in R&D.

The other regions ranked in the Ernst and Young report but fell below those previously mentioned were New York State, the Southeast, the Mid-Atlantic (Maryland, Virginia and D.C.) the Pacific Northwest, Pennsylvania/Delaware Valley, Texas, North Carolina, Midwest, Colorado and Utah.